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The Oldham Collective

Creating Work With and For Oldham

The Oldham Collective is a group of Artists from Oldham, with the support of Dare to Know Theatre the collective will look to create a shows of extraordinary quality, while telling stories with and for the Oldham community. 

We're really excited to be able to put an amazingly talented group of artists together, to be able to support them, and to produce more work of a high quality. The Oldham Collective is an ever changing group of Oldham Creatives, we're always looking to hear from Oldham Creatives, whether that be actors, writers, directors, designers, poets, musicians, filmmakers, artists, so please do get in touch.

The Original Oldham Collective

Eleanor Prestwich | Rowan Curran | Nathaly Sabino | Sonya Nisa |

Liam Pennington | Pedro Reis | Chloe Heywood

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