Dare to Know Theatre Mentorships

Supporting the future creatives of Oldham

We're always fascinated by the breadth of talent in Oldham, and we're fortunate to have the opportunity to offer mentorship for 12 months to some wonderful local creatives. Please check below, to see more about the creatives we're supporting, what we love about them, and the work they're up to!


Caitlin Cribbin is an aspiring writer and actor born and raised in Oldham. She has always had an interest in theatre, and has always been that annoying theatre kid (hopefully better now!). Caitlin is really looking forward to sharing her work with the public, and helping to share hers and many others experiences of a working class background.

We're really excited to be able to support Caitlin over the next year. We've met Caitlin a few times recently, and we've always found her commitment, energy and enthusiasm for theatre, drama and the arts infectious.

You'll be able to catch a snippet of Caitlin's work at our Dare to Know Theatre Invites Event in July 2021.

Caitlin Cribbin