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Miranda Parker

Co-Artistic Director


Director in Residence

As a director, I consider myself first and foremost a storyteller, adept at crafting compelling narratives through a blend of visual, auditory, and emotional elements. With a passion for ensemble collaboration, I thrive on orchestrating the synergy of diverse talents to bring stories to life. My directing experience spans across all age groups, from seasoned professionals to newcomers, each encounter offering unique opportunities for growth and creative expression.

My approach to directing is centered around empowering individuals to surpass their own expectations, fostering an environment of encouragement and support that enables performers to reach new heights. Whether working with highly trained professionals or individuals taking their first steps onto the stage, I prioritize creating a safe and inspiring rehearsal space where every voice is valued and nurtured.

I have a strong affinity for new writing, collaborating closely with playwrights to ensure that the vibrant worlds they've envisioned on the page translate seamlessly to the stage, captivating audiences with authenticity and resonance. Through my dedication to storytelling and commitment to fostering artistic excellence, I strive to leave a lasting impact on both the productions I helm and the individuals with whom I collaborate.

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Jake Talbot

Co-Artistic Director 


Playwright in Residence

Jake Talbot is a playwright and actor from Oldham, Manchester. Jake began his career as an by starring as the lead role in Welsh drama ‘Rocket Boys’ (2012) directed by BAFTA nominee James Button. The film screened around the world including at ‘Festival de Cannes’. He went on to win Best Actor at ‘ScreenTest Film Festival’ and was nominated in the same year at ‘St. Albans Film Festival’. 

Jake has been working professionally and frequently in the industry for almost 15 years, in Radio, Television and Theatre.

Jake is a Bruntwood Prize Long-Listed & Theatre503 International Playwriting Award Long-Listed playwright, his writing journey began with 'Drowning' a semi-autobiographical one-man play. Drowning has led to a string of ten plays to date, performed up and down the country

Jess Lawrence

Associate Producer

Jess Lawrence is an actress and producer from Oldham. Having graduated from Oldham College, she is delighted to be working with Dare to Know Theatre after being involved in various projects as an actress, she's excited to work behind the scenes with the company.

As a theatre maker, Jess enjoys exploring and delving into a wide variety of themes, working collaboratively to create work that's eye opening and raw.

Jess is thrilled to embark on this new chapter of her career and looks forward to making a lasting impact with Dare to Know Theatre.

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