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2023 saw the return of Dare to Know Theatre's debut play 'Drowning', with the theatre company embarking on their biggest tour to date. Taking the show to new places and theatres. Including Liverpool, with Liverpool Royal Court, Manchester at 53Two and London at Bridge House Theatre.

Written and Performed by Jake Talbot

Directed by Miranda Parker

Oldham Coliseum Theatre
4th October 2022

Leap of Faith Poster.png

Following the success and pure joy of creating our Dare to Know Theatre's previous community play 'One for Sorrow, Two for Joy', the theatre company and Oldham Community Members returned in 2023 with their latest community play 'Leap of Faith'.

'Leap of Faith' follows Dan, a young lad from Oldham stuck between wanting more from himself and staying in Oldham with his family and friends. The play explores small town mentality and why people stay in their small home town.

Written by Jake Talbot

Directed by Miranda Parker 

Performed by Members of The Oldham Community


In 2022 Dare to Know Theatre returned to the fringe circuit with their latest play 'The Forgotten', a heartbreaking tale of an elderly dementia patient who upon being moved into a care facility, George seemingly relives trauma from his past.

'The Forgotten' was Dare to Know Theatre's most ambitious project to date, the consisted of George, live on stage, played by the wonderful Jeff Longmore, then a series of 20 voiceover characters ranging from his present life, to his past. A technical challenge and quality performance that led to critical acclaim.

Written by Jake Talbot

Directed by Miranda Parker

Performed by Jeff Longmore

Oldham Coliseum Theatre
(Cultivate Festival)
July 2022

Following the success of Dare to Know Theatre Invites 2021, Dare to Know Theatre were proud to bring their Invites Night back with their strongest lineup to date. The aim of Dare to Know Theatre Invites has always been to showcase brand new work from some of the theatre companies favourite artists, bringing high quality new work to Oldham's stages, in front of Oldham audiences.

This year, Dare to Know Invites showcased brand new work from:

Kenneth Alan Taylor

Blue Balloon Theatre | Libby Hall

Nick Maynard | In Parallel | Grace Mair & Paris Rogers 

Urussa Malik

6th November 2021

In 2021, Dare to Know Theatre were asked to develop material which highlighted the ongoing food poverty crisis in Oldham. The day long charity event was supported by local musicians and businesses with the aim of raising funds and awareness for The Oldham Foodbank.

Dare to Know Theatre developed three spoken word pieces written by Jake Talbot.

'Our Town' performed by Jake Talbot

'Red Light' performed by Jordan Reece

'We're Hungry' performed by Mark Newsome

Check out our Youtube channel to watch the pieces.

One for Sorrow, Two for Joy
Grange Theatre
22nd July - 23rd July 2021

In 2021, Dare to Know Theatre presented their first ever community play, 'One for Sorrow, Two for Joy' a story of connection, community and belonging.

Talia, fresh from care is dropped into a new town with basically nothing but the clothes on her back. With a longing to belong, Talia can't quite seem to let go of her past.

'One for Sorrow, Two for Joy' was exactly the kind of project Dare to Know Theatre set out to create when Jake and Miranda first founded the theatre company. Working with the local community to create brand new theatre, for the people of Oldham. The play consisted of a cast of 30, ranging from local up and coming actors to members of the community that had never stepped foot on stage before.

Written by Jake Talbot 

Directed by Miranda Parker

Performed by The Oldham Community

Grange Theatre 
20th July 2021

After 16 months of uncertainty, Dare to Know Theatre wanted to give some of our favourite artists, theatre companies, theatre makers and playwrights the opportunity to showcase and test out new work in front of a live audience.

Dare to Know Theatre love Invites Night because it allows us the opportunity to unearth talent in our local community, as well as bringing established new writing talent, theatre companies and actors to perform on Oldham stages.

Following the success of Dare to Know Theatre Invites 2021, we endeavour to make the Invites Night a yearly event.

This year we showcased brand new work from:

Nana-Kofi Kufour | Zoe Iqbal

Joe Walsh | Liberty Rep | The Film Shed


Dare to Know Theatre Mentees

Noah Tomlin | Caitlin Cribbin

A Broken Family, Together

During the height of the pandemic, Dare to Know Theatre created 'A Broken Family, Together. A digital verbatim play commissioned as part of Oldham Coliseum Theatre's Micro Commissions. The play is a culmination of the words spoken to us by health care professionals working on the ICU wards at Royal Oldham Hospital. The play is a documentation, acknowledgement and celebration of the dedication and heroism that the nurses, doctors, porters, managers, volunteers and many many more people have shown during the pandemic.

It is hoped that the piece will echo the feelings inside hospitals around the country, exemplifying the need for support and understand for the pressures that healthcare professionals in Britain are facing.

We can't thank the healthcare professionals at Royal Oldham Hospital enough for their time, generosity, openness, courage, love and support during this project.

You can watch 'A Broken Family, Together' here:

Written by Jake Talbot

Directed by Miranda Parker

Director of Photography - Graham Hebron

Original Music by


Sue - Julie Edwards

Debbie - Sam Power

Emily - Kimberly Hart-Simpson


in 2020 - 2021, Dare to Know Theatre embarked on a sporadic tour of their debut play. Plagued with cancellations, delays and rescheduling, Drowning was the first play in Manchester to open during the temporary lifting of restrictions in the covid pandemic.

An intelligent, yet naive sixteen-year-old (Josh), with extreme views on mental health, claims that suicide is selfish. However, as his world crumbles around him, he begins to spiral out of control.

"A thought-provoking and involving play"

- British Theatre Guide

"A powerful piece of theatre"

- Reviewer Number Nine

Written and Performed by Jake Talbot

Directed by Miranda Parker

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