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Dare to Learn Theatre

Education through Entertainment

Dare to Learn Theatre is a platform for our theatre in education work across the country.

Theatre in Education is a huge part of our work, and we believe that theatre in education plays a valuable role in not only an alternative route of education, but the future of UK's theatre. We understand that a theatre in education play not only has to be informative, but also, could be a young person's first experience in theatre, so has to be of high quality.

Dare to Learn Theatre Productions


Verge of Harm

With Oldham College and NHS

Abuse and harmful relationships between young people in Greater Manchester is a growing concern that needs addressing urgently.

Verge of Harm is a project to tackle such anti-social behaviours and youth violence, working with Oldham College students to raise awareness and understanding through a ten minute play and 5 short films. Both pieces highlight specific forms of abuse to represent how both the perpetrator and victim feel in given scenarios, with the intention of preventing harmful relationships amongst younger people as they are supported by a better understanding and can recognise harmful attitudes.

Safer Streets Image.HEIC


With Oldham College and TFGM

Gender Based Violence on public transport is an escalating issue in Greater Manchester, especially surrounding the 5 Oldham Tram Stops.

#SaferStreets is a 25 minute play created with students from Oldham College, to highlight different forms and the effects of Gender Based Violence towards women and girls. The play also highlights the tools available for men and boys to challenge their own and their friends behaviour and attitudes towards women and girls, while also highlighting the tools available for women should they feel unsafe while using the tram network.


A Mythbusters Guide to Student Finance

With GM Aim Higher

A Mythbusters Guide to Student Finance is a 20 minute play designed to dispel the myths surrounding student finance, encouraging young people, that student finance and the option for university is there for everyone.

The play has now been performed almost 150 times to schools and colleges across Greater Manchester.

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