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17th - 19th August 2023

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People say that young people can't experience love. But in reality, young people love harder, and more passionately than most. Young Love follows 15 young people as they navigate their world trying to comprehend their emotions, whether that be their first love, their sexuality, their relationships with their family or their gender. Young Love challenges how we see our young people.

Catch Young Love at 53two from August 17th - August 19th

Tickets are completely Pay What You Can

You can purchase tickets here:

Healthy Relationships Project


Dare to Know Theatre are delighted to be back working with Oldham College on a brand-new theatre in education project with the NHS.

The 'SafeLives' Project will explore and highlight the different forms of abuse young people face in their personal relationships. Ensuring that young people can recognise, understand and act accordingly when faced with unhealthy relationships.

Smoking Shelter

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Dare to Know Theatre are delighted to be finally showcasing their long anticipated play 'Smoking Shelter. This will be the first time audiences have seen 'Smoking Shelter since 2019, where Dare to Know Theatre showcased two scenes from an early draft of the play, which received critical and audience acclaim.

In a smoking shelter round the side of Royal Oldham Hospital, Andrew and Carol find themselves in hospital for separate reasons. Despite contrasting views, they look forward to seeing each other for a cigarette, and they don’t quite realise that they need each other more than they know.

More details coming soon!

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