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What You Sayin'
Shaw Playhouse 2
22nd - 23rd July


Dare to Know Theatre return with another community play for 2024, working closely with the people of Oldham to create a brand new piece of theatre. The project offers the opportunity for people in the Oldham community to step foot on stage for the very first time and for local actors to showcase their talent, in a creative and exciting performance of ‘What you sayin’?’ that the theatre company find a joy to produce.


‘What you sayin’?’ combines verbatim theatre with tales of family struggles that highlight the impact of social media and language we use online to communities. With relatable characters and intense relationships, the play uses words taken directly from local groups on social media to explore hard-hitting topics creatively.

Written by Jake Talbot
Directed by Miranda Parker
Performed by The Oldham Community

Broken Boys
21st - 24th August


During a one hour free period at school a group of lads are given free run of a classroom as a new initiative from the school with the intention of giving the lads 'space to talk'. Affectionately named 'The Sad Sack Group' and boys being boys, the do everything but talk.

Written by Jake Talbot
Directed by Miranda Parker
A Dare to Know Theatre Production

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